PageMaster/ex 2013 Overview

PageMaster/ex 2010With PageMaster/ex 2013, your entire organization can send text messages, pages, and SMS (cellular) messages using Microsoft Exchange Server. Exchange users may send or forward messages to “text messaging recipients”. These recipients appear on global or personal address lists just as would any other type of recipient.

Text messages can be sent individually or batched to to multiple devices or pre-defined groups of devices. The gateway also handles a mix of numeric and alphanumeric devices in the same group, sending just the numeric portions of a message to the numeric devices and the full message text to alphanumeric devices.

Text messages are transmitted to a service provider using one of eight protocols; TAP, SNPP, WCTP, SMPP, APN, GSM, SMTP, and DTMF.

Using the "Inbox Rules" or "Out-of-Office Assistant" in Microsoft Outlook, Exchange users can forward some or all of their Email messages to their pager or cellular phone.

Calendar RemindersPageMaster/ex can also monitor the appointment reminders for selected users and forward these reminders as text messages to their pager or cellular phone.

PageMaster/ex 2013 is available in three versions; Standard, Pro, and Pro+SMPP. The Pro version adds support for the SNPP, SMTP, and WCTP protocols, 2-Way devices, and an enterprise-grade text messaging engine. The Pro version text messaging engine allows multiple access methods for each service provider. For example, you can specify that a service provider be reached primarily through their SNPP server. If the SNPP server is down, or if your Internet connection is down, PageMaster/ex will automatically fall back to alternate access numbers and protocols.

Support for the SMPP protocol is available as an add-on to the PRO version. Support for the APN and GSM protocols are available as an add-on to either the Standard or the PRO version.

For Exchange Server 2019 or Exchange Server 2016, please contact Omnitrend Sales for assistance. A version of PageMaster/ex to support Exchange 2010 can be found here. A version of PageMaster/ex to support Exchange 2007 can be found here. A version of PageMaster/ex to support Exchange 2003 and 2000 can be found here. A version of PageMaster/ex to support Exchange5.5 and lower can be found here.

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Latest News

PageMaster/ex 2019 v1 now supporting Exchange 2019 has been released and is available for download. Please contact sales for further information or to obtain an evaluation.