Name:   PageMaster/api
Version:   8.0 SP2
Released:   2005

System Requirements

Processor:   Intel
Operating System:   Windows XP, Windows 2000, or Windows 2003
Memory:   256mb Minimum
Modem:   At least one Hayes-compatible 2400 baud or faster required for TAP and DTMF protocols. Up to 255 modems supported for load balancing and fault-tolerance 
Internet Connectivity:   A WinSock-compatible Internet connection is required for the SNPP, SMPP, SMTP, and WCTP protocols


Types:   Alphanumeric Pagers (1 and 2-Way), Cellular Phones (SMS 1 and 2-Way), Numeric Pagers
Number:   Up to unlimited, based on licensing
Protocols:   Numeric Pagers: DTMF with user adjustable delay, TAP, SNPP, and WCTP.
1-Way Alphanumeric Pagers: TAP with password support, SNPP, WCTP, SMPP, SMTP.
2-Way Alphanumeric Pagers (PRO version only): SNPP, WCTP, SMPP.
1-Way Cellular Phone: TAP, SNPP, WCTP, SMPP, SMTP.
2-Way Cellular Phone (PRO version only): SNPP, WCTP, SMPP.

Message Handling

Batch Sending:   Alphanumeric messages sent to devices sharing a common access method are issued in a single session
Message Length:   Unlimited. Messages are automatically split and delivered to a device in separate messages according to a maximum message length (user definable)
Error Correction:   Full error detection and recovery on all protocols. Includes dial-tone detection and busy signal redial for TAP
Confirmation:   PageMaster/api will return a confirmation once the message is sent successfully.
Error Notification:    If an error is encountered sending the message, an return notification will be issued. Full error details are logged in the computer's application event log.
Backup Protocols:   Multiple protocols may be specified for each service provider. Automatic fallback to alternate protocols upon failure
Logging:    All text messages sent and failed are logged. Log files are user configurable as to content and organization.

Messaging Methods

COM Interface: A full set of API properties and methods for sending and receiving messages to and from all wireless devices.


Latest News

PageMaster/ex 2019 v1 now supporting Exchange 2019 has been released and is available for download. Please contact sales for further information or to obtain an evaluation.